The Hybrid

U Can Drive has a Hybrid!

We've finally taken the plunge and bought our first Hybrid!

"What's a Hybrid?" I hear some of you asking. Our new Automatic car runs on both Petrol and Electricty. 

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Trucks on the Road

Whenever you are on the road you will notice there are plenty of trucks about, especially between cities and towns. But did you know that you are not required to know anything about them to get a car licence? Some of this information can be life saving stuff.

I’m sure you are familiar with the blind spot on a car; well I had the opportunity to sit in a truck a while ago and was rather surprised at what they can’t see. The blind spots on a truck are everywhere, in front, behind, and right down the sides, they had a car parked a good 60m behind the truck and I couldn’t see it at all.


What so dangerous about texting while driving?


Let’s start by sending someone a text and time how long it takes. Just something short like “On my way” or “Almost there”.  Now I’m not the world’s fastest (or slowest) at texting but it took me 20 seconds from picking the phone up, opening the messaging system, finding my wife’s number, typing the message, pressing send, then turning the phone off and putting it down. Let me know below how long it took you!

City Driving is different to Rural Driving

Country driving is rather relaxing compared to city driving. The mix and volume of traffic places a much higher demand on the driver. Road signs can be difficult to keep up with as there are so many and understanding them can be difficult when you are not used to them. Intersections can become confusing when you are not used to knowing who has the right of way, and the behaviour of other drivers can be difficult and unpredictable as they don’t always follow the rules. Anger needs to be kept in check as cars continue to do the unexpected; ‘Road Rage’ must be controlled!