Reversing Exercise or Straight Reverse

A simple reversing exercise to show you can control the car moving backwards. I am often asked "When would you actually use this manoevure?" Reversing out of a drive way or a garage, when you passed the house you are looking for, or coming out of a parking space at the shops.

The Manoeuvre

Reversing Exercise

The Stages


1. Indicate your intent and pull over to the side of the road as if you were parking.

REMEMBER: You are supposed to keep all 4 wheels on the road!

 Straight Reverse 1  


2. Once you have pulled over wait until any traffic approaching from behind have moved past you. It doesn't matter if you continue indicating or not, either is fine.

Straight Reverse 2

3. Put the into Reverse ready, once all vehicles have all cleared have one last look all around. Put the car into reverse and once you are certain it is all safe, look over your left shoulder out the rear window and start reversing.

Once you are moving it is okay to look around again and use your mirrors, so-long as you occasionally glance out of the rear window.

As you go make sure you make small corrections with the steering wheel and let your travel make the difference.

REMEMBER: The faster you go the bigger your errors will end being!

Straight Reverse 3

4. If any cars start approaching you from behind you must stop and wait until they have passed.

Straight Reverse 4

5. Once they have passed you may continue, again make sure you check all around to make sure it's safe and have a final look out of the rear window as you start to move again.

Straight Reverse 5

Obviously you stop when you reach your intended destination, finally check that your final position is appropriate for parking.