Legal U-Turns

This page has been put together using Qld road rules legislation as of 2009.
It is in no way purposed or designed to be used for legal defence or legal advice!
It is designed to help you know and obey the road rules.
Not to justify bad driving behaviours.


U TurnAt a Normal Intersection


The image here shows a standard crossroads, if you are performing a U-Turn in a Crossroads you should do the right-hand version (follow the Red path) so long as you are not crossing a Solid White Line.


At a Left, Right or T Intersection

In the diagram here, while presented as a crossroads, is representing both a left and a right intersection. If there is a Solid White Line as in the Left intersection (the Blue path) you would not be allowed to perform the U-Turn here. The Right intersection however shows a dotted line, even though it is a Stop sign, you would be allowed to perform a U-Turn here, except you would obviously be expected to Stop before proceeding across the line.


U Turn Meridian

At a Median Strip

Without Traffic Lights

At a normal crossroads with a median strip down the middle you are allowed to simply turn around and go back the other way, obviously giving way to ALL other traffic.


UNLESS: Except when there is a sign saying that you can't. Obviously such an intersection with a sign stating "No U-Turn Permitted", or similar, you would not be allowed to perform a U-Turn.

So the standard rule is: You can perform a U-Turn, unless there is a sign saying otherwise.


 With Traffic Lights

U Turn Meridian Lights

Put in some traffic lights and you switch the whole ruling around. You are NOT permitted to perform a U-Turn at traffic lights!

UNLESS: Except when there is a sign saying that you CAN. Again if such a sign is here you can do a U-Turn once you have given way to all other traffic that has a Green light. If you have a Green Right Turn Arrow BEWARE of traffic to your Right that may have a Green Left Turn Arrow, you are expected to give way to them as well.

So the standard rule at lights: You are not allowed to perform a U-Turn, unless there is a sign saying you can.





Road Rules are always under review and are often changed or updated. This page was accurate at time of publishing, while we endeavour to keep these pages up to date we may occasionally miss something. You as a road user are expected to keep up to date with the Road Rules.