Staggered Vs Combination Intersections

When coming to an intersection sometimes the "crossroads" doesn't line up clearly. In these cases it can be a little confusing how to proceed.

Road RulesRoad RulesRoad Rules

 This area will be looking at Qld Road Rules in some detail to help you be safer on the road and win arguments.

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 This section is built using the following documents which are part of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995:

  • Transport Operations (Road Use Management-Road Rules) Regulation 2009 (Current as at 26 July 2021).
  • Transport Operations (Road Use Management-Driver Licensing) Regulation 2010 (Current as at 26 July 2021).

Legal U-Turns

You would have learned how to do a U-Turn during your Learner process (if not go here How to do a U-Turn) but were you taught the rules about when/where you can can't do a U-Turn?

In this article we will be looking at the regulations that decide when/where you can and can't perform this manoeuvre?

Emergency Vehicles

I am sure you are all aware of our emergency services in Australia: Fire, Ambulance and Police. They are all clearly visible on the roads (except of course the unmarked police cars) and are fitted with flashing lights and annoying sirens. We all rely upon these services to keep us and our families and friends safe and healthy to some degree or another. I’m sure everyone reading this knows that a phone call to 000 can quickly mobilize these units to your assistance should you require it. But what do you do when you come across these vehicles on the road? It is surprising how many people just don’t understand the expectations and limitations that are placed upon them via our road rules.

Lanes Merging Vs Lane Ending

When two lanes become one lane it's the road markings that let you know who should give way and who has the right of way. That said always think "Safety First!"

Zipper Merge - Congestion

People judge; it's a fact of life! But when people judge those who are doing the RIGHT THING as if they are in the wrong simply because they think they themselves are doing it right you often have people getting upset unnecessarily.



Lanes Turning

When you are turning right into a road with two or more lanes there are things which determine which lane you should turn into.

In this article we will look at which lane(s) you can choose from and how to know when that changes.

Single Vs Double Solid White Lines

There are a few ways the centre line markings can be used to indicate what rules are relevant when it comes to turning and overtaking. Some quieter, less used roads don't have a line at all, more frequented roads have a dotted or broken centre line.

In this article we will be looking at the difference between a Single Solid White Line and Double Solid White Lines. Do you know the difference?


Bicycles can be a controversial topic, many will argue that they don't belong on the road and the riders will argue that they aren't considered properly.

In this article we discuss these common objections and the rules about how they are allowed to ride and how other vehicles should behave around them.