The Turn Around Manoeuvre

or 3 Point Turn

Some important tips for this manoeuvre, when you are reversing make sure you are looking out of the back window over your left shoulder, and make sure you do not hit the curbs, either of these could result in failing your test.

The Manoeuvre

3 Point Turn

The Stages

Turn Around 1

1. Pull over to the side of the road as if you were parking, start indicating right, then put the car in first.

2. Have a good look around to make sure there are no cars approaching (remember the final shoulder check as you pull out.) Start to move forward slowly, turning the wheel ALL THE WAY to the right quickly.

3. As you approach the other side of the road straighten the wheels up just before you stop.

REMEMBER: You are supposed to keep all 4 wheels on the road at all times!

Turn Around 2

4. Again make sure you have a good look around for oncoming traffic, they do have the right of way. Put the car in reverse, do not worry about the indicator it will turn itself off, looking out of the back window (over your left shoulder) start the car moving backwards nice and slow, turning the wheel ALL THE WAY to the left quickly.

5. As you reach the opposite side of the road straighten the wheels before you stop.

Once you are moving it is okay to look around again and use your mirrors, so-long as you occasionally glance out of the rear window.

REMEMBER: The faster you go the bigger your errors will be!

Turn Around 3

6. Another good look around for traffic, don't forget that they have the right of way; indicate right and then put the car in first, start to move the car forward nice and slow turning the wheel to the right.

Turn Around 4

7. Once you have cleared the curb have a final check all around, including the shoulder check, and then proceed with care, or indicate and pull over to the edge if you are planning to park.