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Trucks on the Road

Whenever you are on the road you will notice there are plenty of trucks about, especially between cities and towns. But did you know that you are not required to know anything about them to get a car licence? Some of this information can be life saving stuff.

I’m sure you are familiar with the blind spot on a car; well I had the opportunity to sit in a truck a while ago and was rather surprised at what they can’t see. The blind spots on a truck are everywhere, in front, behind, and right down the sides, they had a car parked a good 60m behind the truck and I couldn’t see it at all.


A trucks "Blind Spots" are huge compared to a car, a good rule to remember: If you can’t see their mirrors they can’t see you! When you pull up behind a truck keep your distance and don’t stick to the middle of the road, go off centre so you can see their mirror, let them know you are there.


Have you noticed the “Do not overtake turning vehicle” sign on the back of trucks?


This is because they have a big turning circle and so when turning left they will often need to do this from the right hand lane. Now consider the "Blind Spots" above, well one of them is right down the left hand side next to the door, right where you would probably be if you tried to pass them.


Another very dangerous thing to do is pull in front of a truck especially one that is slowing down approaching traffic lights. It can take a truck 100m to stop, far more than a car. So if you pull in front of them because you’ve passed them and there’s plenty of space, consider that the space you are pulling into could well be the trucks stopping space and you are far smaller than they are.