The Hybrid

U Can Drive has a Hybrid!

We've finally taken the plunge and bought our first Hybrid!

"What's a Hybrid?" I hear some of you asking. Our new Automatic car runs on both Petrol and Electricty. 

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This is a wonderful fuel saving option, on previsous attempts at purchasing a Hybrid the cost has been prohibitive but this year it only cost an extra $2,000

There are 3 situations where your car is either wasting or using excessive fuel:

  1. When you start the engine
  2. When you start moving
  3. When the engine is idling (slowing or stopped)

In the Hybrid these are now fuel saving opportunities. While the average car uses a spoonful of fuel to get the engine started the Hybrid's engine doesn't actually start until the car is already moving.

Rather than using an excessive amount of fuel to get the car moving the Hybrid uses the battery and then the momentum of the car makes starting the engine use less fuel.

When you are slowing down your petrol powered car uses fuel just to keep the engine running and help slow the car, not only does the Hybrid turn the engine off, it uses the cars momentum to recharge the battery. When you are stopped the engine remains off, and again, the car uses the battery to get moving again.

All of this means less fuel and a slightely cleaner environment.