City Driving is different to Rural Driving

Country driving is rather relaxing compared to city driving. The mix and volume of traffic places a much higher demand on the driver. Road signs can be difficult to keep up with as there are so many and understanding them can be difficult when you are not used to them. Intersections can become confusing when you are not used to knowing who has the right of way, and the behaviour of other drivers can be difficult and unpredictable as they don’t always follow the rules. Anger needs to be kept in check as cars continue to do the unexpected; ‘Road Rage’ must be controlled!

Your observation skills need to be highly active, knowing what is happening around you is essential for safe driving, this means knowing what is happening far in front, to the sides and behind your vehicle, and your ability to predict the outcome of others driving needs to be fine tuned. The following points will help you:

- Plan your route ahead of time.
- Get into lane early and watch for those who push in last second.
- Try to predict what other road users might do next.
- Look beyond the car in front of you, either look around the vehicle or through their windows.
- Expect the unexpected.
- Continue to look all around you when going through an intersection.
- Remember not everyone follows the rules; keep an eye out for cars that are not giving way.
- Just because your light is green doesn’t always mean they have stopped for their red light.
- It is better to give up your right of way than to be involved in a collision.
- Remember to use all your mirrors, and don’t forget those blind spots.
- Give plenty of notice (Indication) of your intents, and watch for those who don’t.
- If you see an erratic driver, keep your distance.
- Don’t make others pay for their mistakes, but don’t make them pay for yours.