Cancellation Policy:

These prices are based on a standard 1 hour driving lesson.

Failure to attend your lesson (this includes less than 1hr notice) will be charged at full price.

Cancellations the day before and up to 1 hour prior to the lesson must be made by phone and will be charged at half the standard price.

Three (or more) cancellations will result in upfront payment being required at the time of booking, this payment will be none refundable and none transferable, if you cancel/reschedule you will lose this money.

Defensive Driving courses will be charged a none refundable fee at booking, a one off $65 rescheduling fee will apply with up to 5 business days notice, after which the payment can not be refunded or transferred. 

Cancellations/Re-bookings before 24 hours may not be charged unless repeated.

No License.

If you attend a lesson without your Learners Permit/Drivers License you will not be allowed to drive. While on your Learners the police can consider you UNLICENSED if you do not have your permit with you. As such we will check you license each and every lesson and can not allow you to drive if you do not have it.

As we would already be in attendance at this point you will be expected to pay the full price for the lesson. You will be offered a "Dry Lesson" as an alternative.

DRY LESSON: A dry lesson is simply a lesson where your instructor may discuss driving principles, road rules and/or maneuvers and other driving related issues you. The instructor may also take you for a drive (the instructor driving) and demonstrate these principles, road rules or maneuvers for you.

Bulk Booking Refunds.

If you are requiring a refund of a bulk booking the following will apply:

All Lessons already used will be charged at full price.

Any remaining lessons will be charged a $5 administration fee.

The remaining can be returned with a possible $10 delivery/administration fee depending on method required.

If you have booked (pre-paid) for more than 5 lessons in total a minimum of 1 lesson per week is expected, if you fail to achieve this a $5 administration fee may be charged for each lesson that is delayed (allowances can be made, please contact me first). 


Vouchers will come with an expiry date, this expiry date is the date by which the voucher MUST be presented, failure to do so could result in a $5 administration fee.

Once presented the lesson on the voucher will be subject to the "Lesson a week" requirement of Bulk Bookings.

Concerns / Quieries.

If you feel these polices are harsh or unreasonable due to your circumstances PLEASE speak with us, exception can be made.