P1 Restrictions


There are certain restrictions placed on you as a Provisional Driver, breaking these conditions could cost you your licence.

Whilst on your P1 licence, you must:

    • obey any conditions stated on your licence.
    • not receive four or more demerit points in any one year period.
    • have your licence with you when you are driving and be able to present it to the police if required.
    • not drink at all, you have a zero alcohol limit (0.00). You will be fined and could lose your licence.
    • not drive under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.


Your red P-plates must be clearly displayed on the front and rear of your car, do not place it upside down or sideways.

Mobile phones

You are not allowed to be engaged in any mobile phone discussion at any level, this includes hands-free kits, Bluetooth or even having a passenger with the phone on loudspeaker, if they answer their phone it must be kept to the standard ear piece.


You can only have 1 passenger under 21 years of age in the car between 11pm and 5am, immediate family are exempt.

Immediate Family includes (from Qld transport site):

  • the driver's spouse, parent(s), grandparent(s)
  • a child, step-child, foster child, or ward of the driver
  • a step-parent of the driver
  • the spouse of a grandparent of the driver
  • a brother or sister of the driver
  • a stepbrother or stepsister of the driver
  • a foster child or ward of a parent or step-parent of the driver

High-powered (performance) vehicles

You are not permitted to drive a high-powered vehicle, this includes (from Qld transport site):

  • eight or more cylinders
  • a turbocharged or supercharged engine that is not diesel powered
  • an engine that has a power output of more than 210kW as per the manufacturer's specifications
  • a rotary engine that has an engine capacity of more than 1146cc as per the manufacturer's specifications 
  • a modified engine that must be approved under section 13 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management — Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010.

Some vehicles are exempt and can be driven:

Check if a vehicle is a high-powered (performance) vehicle*.