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Curved T-Intersection

The most controversial competition questions I do seem to be the ones that don't fit the normal everyday expectations. The first example of these was the curved T-Intersection question that I added.

So lets have a look at this intersection and see how it works and what we should be looking for when things are different from the norm.

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Give Way Vs Stop Signs

Which sign holds more weight?

If two cars are turning right and one faces a Stop Sign, the other a Give Way, who has the right of way?





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Single Vs Double Solid White Lines

There are a few ways the center line markings can be used to indicate what rules are relevant when it comes to turning and overtaking. Some quieter, less used roads don't have a line at all, more frequented roads have a dotted or broken center line.

In this article we will be looking at the difference between a Single Solid White Line and Double Solid White Lines. Do you know the difference?

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Lane Ending Vs Lanes Merging

When two lanes become one there are two different ways the road markings are used to indicate who should give way. These are called "Lane Ending" and "Lanes Merging".

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