Mature Age Driving QLD

A current controversial topic is mature age drivers. At the time of writing (20th January 2016) there has already been a few crashes involving drivers over 80 years old and some are saying that they should have their license taken off them at 80 :(

Our response? Develop a refresher course that is none threatening and designed to improve driver safety.

We do not believe drivers should lose their license just because they are 80 years old or more! This is just another one of those times where someone is wanting to punish everyone due to the actions of a few.

The fact is we see drivers at 20+, 30+, 40+ ... doing the wrong thing, speeding, driving dangerously, and talking on their phones. Sure some 80+ drivers don't keep up with the speed limit, but then neither do some Learners.

The answer is not to penalise these drivers and take their license away, or even start mandatory testing. We've seen some of our best Learner Drivers fail the test because they got too nervous, not only would test pressure have a similar effect on a mature driver it would also be very demeaning and embarrassing. Most Licensed drivers would probably fail the test if required to do one, so let's do everyone or no one. Are you happy to be tested every 1-5 years?


So what do we need to do?

FIRSTLY, everyone needs to set off 5 minutes early and take their time this will allow more patience with ALL other road users, especially those who are less confident. This includes Learners, P Platers, Overseas License Holders, and mature drivers.

In response to this U Can Drive are today starting to offer a none threatening refresher course. There will be no threat of having a license cancelled, rather an opportunity to catch up on new laws, to renew driving skills and regain some of that lost confidence while at the same time having on-road safety assessed. We will offer friendly and supportive feedback as well as discuss ways to improve or other options for maintaining independence if required. Our Goal is to help people stay on the road, Safely!

The first 5 to book in for this course will be FREE!