Defensive Driving Courses

At U Can Drive we do not believe your Learning finishes once you get your licence, we do not teach you how to recover from an over-steering or under-steering incident during standard lessons, we also don't teach you how to perform a Brake and Evade technique for when something bad happens. Why? Because it's actually quite dangerous to do this on the road. To compensate for this lack we offer three levels of continued training called Defensive Driving.

On Road Defensive Driving

This course is designed to improve your understanding of the road, different observation techniques and the vehicle you drive including basic maintenance requirements. We will have a closer look your seating position and driving techniques and discuss some general road rules and the reasons why we do what we do.

Court Ordered Defensive Driving

There are times in life when we all make mistakes! If your licence has been suspended and you are applying for a Special Hardship Order (SHO) so you can continue to drive for work or other purposes this is the course you are looking for.

The first thing you need to know is that we will not judge you. You are already going through enough without the pressure of your Driving Instructor adding to the load, we are here to help you improve your driving skill so that you are better equipped not to repeat your mistakes.

This course is essentially the same as the On-Road course except we will focus on the road rules a little closer and specifically the area that has caused the loss of your licence.

Advanced Defensive Driving

This course takes a full day, starting in Toowoomba with a drive to Brisbane past Somerset Dam and finishing with a drive back through Brisbane City. Whilst in Brisbane we will visit a training track at Lakeside Raceway and have a good look at your steering techniques and car handling. We will also do some cornering exercises, brake and evade training as well as get a feel for under-steer and over-steering issues and how to correct them. We can also use the skidpan (add water) to see and understand the difference between dry and wet weather handling. The day will also include the On Road Defensive Driving program and lunch.

For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.