L - Learner

A Misunderstood Enigma

Roundabouts are misunderstood by most, it seems a high percentage of people do not know how to use a roundabout properly, whilst most of the time people seem to manage it could be made much easier if everyone obeyed the rules.

Common Misunderstandings

You must always give way to right when entering a roundabout.

Actually the law requires that you "Give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout" it does not matter which side they are on. So when you are approaching a roundabout make sure you are going slow enough to stop for any traffic that may enter the roundabout before you do, look to your right first, if it is clear you may proceed while checking to your left and allowing any traffic already on the roundabout to clear your path before increasing your speed.

Emergency Vehicles

This page has been put together using Qld road rules legislation and conversations with the Police and Fire Departments.
It is in no way purposed or designed to be used for legal defence or advice!
It is designed to help you know how to get out of their way incase of an emergency.

Not to make a defence for getting in their wa

I am sure you are all aware of our emergency services in Australia: Fire, Ambulance and Police. They are all clearly visible on the roads (except of course the unmarked police cars) and are fitted with flashing lights and annoying sirens. We all rely upon these services to keep us and our families and friends safe and healthy to some degree or another. I’m sure everyone reading this knows that a phone call to 000 can quickly mobilize these units to your assistance should you require it. But what do you do when you come across these vehicles on the road?It is surprising how many people just don’t understand the expectations and limitations that are placed upon them via our road rules.

Just a few pointers to help you get started.

There is a lot to learn when you start driving, most experienced drivers do a lot of things quite naturally and so don't think to pass that on to their "L"earner driver children. Here are some basic hints and tips to help you out.