Keep Left

This pages have been put together using Qld road rules legislation as of 2009.

It is in no way purposed or designed to be used for legal defense or legal advice!
It is designed to help you know the road rules and do the right thing.

Not to justify bad driving behaviours


There are times when you are allowed to use which ever lane you want and times where you are restricted to use specific lanes. Some of them are obvious, like when there is a left or right turn arrow in the lane, but when should you "Keep Left"?


In this article we discuss when the "Keep Left" rule applies and what the exceptions are.

Keep Left


Which one is in the wrong?

Only the Yellow one above is in the wrong.


When the speed is 80kph or below you are allowed to drive in which ever lane you please, unless of course there is a sign telling you otherwise.


Keep Left Unless:

Once the speed limit is over 80kph, or there is a sign stating "Keep Left", you are required by law to drive in the left hand lane unless you are:

1. Overtaking (As the Green car is above).

2. Preparing to turn Right or make a U-Turn (As the Blue car is above).

3. Avoiding a hazard or obstruction.

4. Driving in congested traffic.

5. Driving in a special purpose lane that you are permitted to drive in.


Road Rules are always under review and are often changed or updated. This page was accurate at time of publishing; while we endeavour to keep these pages up to date we may occasionally miss something. You as a road user are expected to keep up to date with the Road Rules.