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Putting Students First


Here at U Can Drive we want to see our young people succeed regardless of their background. We recognise various pressures are placed upon them, and we understand that they don't always make the right choices.

We have been working with a few of the agencies that help the youth of Toowoomba and it has come to our attention that Learner Driver students referred to us for driving lessons from the various agencies do not always show up or complete the lessons allocated and paid for.

Rather than allow this to result in lost lessons/funds U Can Drive has designed a special package to try and address this situation in a manner that we believe best supports the student and uses the funding you have available wisely:

We can sell you a block of lessons (10, 20, 30...) at $65 per lesson and will allocate a printable file of vouchers. These vouchers can then be printed out and given to your clients. With their permission an authorising email can then be sent to us giving the clients name, mobile number and the number of vouchers given. This way if the vouchers are lost or the student does not call us we can call them and arrange a time.

Should the student not complete the allocated lessons feedback will be given to the appropriate consultant so the voucher numbers can be reprinted and reallocated.

Conditions (per student):

1st Cancellation* is NOT charged (usually charged at half price).
2nd Cancellation* is charged at full price and the agency notified.
3rd Cancellation* will NOT be charged but no more lessons will be booked without further approval from agency consultant.
Any cancellations after this point will be charged at full price.

*No Show's will continue to be charged at Full Price.

As said above we have a desire to see our young students succeed and so we are willing to work with them and with you to achieve this goal, if there are any special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to make it work!


To help with the complexity of the test and Queensland Transport payments the vouchers can also be used to cover test and licensing fees. Using 5 vouchers at a cost of $325 the following services can be used at a total value of $333.35


Test Booking: $59.50
Pre Test Lesson: $65
Test car hire: $65
2 Year Licence: $113.85
Service Charge: $30


Extra preparation lessons can be added with extra vouchers.

Cancellation Policy:

These prices are based on a standard 1 hour driving lesson.

Failure to attend will be charged at full price $65

Cancellations within 24 hours must be made by phone and will be charged at $30

Defensive Driving courses will be charged a none refundable fee at booking, a one off $65 rescheduling fee will apply with up to 5 business days notice, after which the payment can not be refunded or transferred.


Cancellations/Re-bookings before 24 hours may not be charged unless repeated.
After 3 cancellations none refundable payment will be required before or at the time of booking.

Bulk Booking Refunds.

If you are requiring a refund of a bulk booking the following will apply:

All Lessons already used will be charged at full price.

Any remaining lessons will be charged a $5 administration fee.

The remaining can be returned with a possible $10 delivery/administration fee depending on method required.

If you have booked (pre-paid) for more than 5 lessons in totoal a minimum of 1 lesson per week is expected, if you fail to achieve this a $5 administration fee will be charged for each week without a lesson (allowances can be made, please contact me first).


Privacy Policy

Any information provided to U Can Drive will only be used for the purposes of your lessons with U Can Drive.

All details will be available to your instructor and office staff and will never be shared with other parties.


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