#Competition Conditions

At times we run a competition on facebook in order to get people thinking about the road rules and how we should interact with other traffic. These competitions usually come with a prize for a randomly drawn winner.

Entry Conditions

To enter you must:

1. Like the page (if you already like the page that counts).

2. Like and Share the question.

3. Answer the question.

4. Use appropriate languge.

5. You must be willing to have a photo taken if you win.


Winner selection:

1. All correct answers will be entered into the draw.

2. Correct answers will be numbered and listed in a closing post, any entries after this will not count.

3. A second or bonus entry may be given to the best anwer, that is, one that include extra correct information.

4. A bonus entry may be given to an answer that incudes humor or is deemed to show understanding of the rule, but has chosen to be comical instead.

5. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator in the Facebook Live in which the answer will be given.


Claiming your prize:

1. The winner will be contacted by Facebook Messenger.

2. If there is no reply the prize will be lost.

3. Arrangements to drop off the card and take a winners photo will be made.

4. If you are not available at the agreed time and place the prize will be lost.


Whilst resonable effort to contact and drop off the prize to the winner will be made, it is your responsability to make contact with us also and be reasonably available.