Liam Dawson


"I started with Rick through the Keys2Drive lesson, and my dad and I attended. Finishing the lesson with a 20-minute drive, I managed to stall the car repeatedly, demonstrate a complete unawareness of how to use the clutch, and many, many other problems with my driving style.

Throughout the whole thing, Rick was patient, calm, and made sure my dad was equipped with techniques to supervise and improve my driving. From after that lesson, Rick made me exercise my initiative, tested my awareness and made sure I was completely prepared for driving solo, after my "big scary driving test" (which wasn't so scary considering I knew what I was doing!).

I'm coming up to my green 'P' plates now, and I'm happy to say that I have not ever been involved in any kind of incident that was my fault, thanks to the training that Rick gave me, both in person, and through my family who taught me. I have never felt panicked, and feel confident navigating by myself, all because I was given the training that I needed, rather than being taught how to pass the test.

Rick's teaching techniques are unique, and prepared me for real driving, unlike the lessons I had elsewhere, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for one second."