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  • How safe are your students when they get their P's?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    A drivers likelihood of accident is highest the first day they get their P's!

    At U Can Drive we put time and effort into training students in real life situations. It's fine to teach in a super controlled environment with a supervisor telling them everything they need to do, but is this realistic?

    Once your child has their P License they will be playing music, their phone will be ringing and their mates will be distracting them.

    We like to recreate some of these situations and help students learn to deal with these distractions in safe and legal manner. We also like to train to the point where they are no-longer receiving step-by-step instruction but rather doing it themselves.

    We discuss this and much more during the FREE Keys2Drive lesson. Book yours now!

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  • Am I covered by Insurance?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    Absolutely. It is an important question when choosing a driving school that you know that you will be looked after.

    At U Can Drive we are fully insured and all our instructors have passed police and working with children checks.

    Rest assured your safety is covered every time you get behind the wheel with us.


    Fully Comprehensive.

    Public Liability.

    Professional Indemnity.

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  • When should I start having lessons?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    Ideally you should start straight away and build good driving habits rather than trying to fix bad habits later. Another benefit of course is that our cars all have dual controls so we can protect our clutch and gears during those early days and are also able to help get the car going to prevent too much frustration building at the beginning.

    We recommend three to four lessons early on to get beginners confidently on the roads a Keys2Drive lessons would be good at this point, it's free!

    After that consider one lesson for every 10 hours logged just to keep a check on driver habits.

    Having said all that, we will work with what you give us and make sure you get the best service and results possible.

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  • What areas do you cover?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    If your area is not listed here but is in the general vicinity of these areas then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and ask.

    Toowoomba and immediate surrounds including:

    Gowrie Junction
    Murphy's Creek
    Hodgson Vale


    Crow's Nest




    Please note that extra charges may apply, these sometimes include extra time.

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  • Where will my lesson be?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    Beginner - 0-5 Hours:

    For you first drive the instructor will usually drive you to a quiet area away from traffic. You will then take over and get familiar with the car, you will then slowly move into more and more high density traffic areas until you are driving through the center of town, this may take a lesson our two if you are not confident.


    Intermediate - 10-90 Hours

    You will probably start driving from your pickup point and the instructor will see how you are going and develop the lesson accordingly. You will likely be driving through the center of town and will introduce manoeuvres once you have shown good vehicle control.


    Ready for Test - 90+ Hours:

    We have a couple of different routes we make take you around including the center of town, you will also be taken through the manoeuvres.


    Getting your hours up:

    Once you have shown competency in all areas but are still wanting lessons to help get your 100 hours we'll start doing trips down and up the range or back up through Murphy's Creek. We also offer a half day lesson into Brisbane and back.

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  • Where do I go for my lesson?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    We can pick you up where ever you like and drop you off where ever you need to be within our lesson areas.

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  • How many lessons will I need?

    Saturday,14 November 2015   ucandrive

    Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways.

    Our commitment to you is to get you though Safely with as few lessons as possible.

    We hope to work with parents/guardians where ever possible and can work out a plan to fit your budget.

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