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Manual: Toowoomba or Pittsworth

Automatic: Toowoomba

Free Keys2Drive Toowoomba: Manual or Automatic

Court Ordered Defensive Driving - Special Hardship Order (Manual)

Rick is the owner of the school, he started U Can Drive in 2008 and has slowly built the business with his foundational principle of  "Putting Students First".

Rick has a focus on Safety and enjoys making sure his students are prepared for "Real Life" driving, not just passing a test. This includes driving with distractions, planning ahead and avoiding potential hazards.

Rick is also a qualified Counselor and Family Therapist and uses these skills to help students understand the effect of other, inconsiderate drivers, on their driving and more specifically with nervous students to help them stay calm and focused especially when preparing for a test.



Optional: Pay Online Now

Automatic: Toowoomba

Chloe is our Automatic instructor, she brings a whole new dimension to our team as Chloe also holds a tucking license.