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The keys2drive program aims to improve driver safety by helping P plater's drive for six months without hurting themselves or others, building a foundation for a life of safe driving. The keys2drive coaching approach is designed to provide a learning experience that is more real, more thorough and more attuned to the reality of licensed driving.

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The keys2drive program comprises three central initiatives, each of which will be closely evaluated for effectiveness and improved continuously over the coming years.:

The free lesson

keys2drive is providing a free driving lesson to learner drivers, which brings the learner and their parent/supervisor together with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

The keys2drive free lesson aims to change the way learners drive by changing the way they learn, helping them 'Find Their Own Way' to becoming a safer driver.

The free driving lesson introduces the keys2drive practical learning approach to learner drivers and their parent/supervisors, and offers examples of how it can be used when learning to drive a car. Participants get lots of great advice and information about how to practice and what to aim for.

The aim of the keys2drive learning approach is to help P platers achieve the six month - zero harm target; in other words, drive for six months without hurting themselves or others. It's a goal designed to build the skills necessary to drive safely for life
Accreditation of driving instructors
Keys2drive is a professional development and accreditation program for the driving instruction industry. More and more instructors will gain access to these techniques.

Online support

The keys2drive website is a rich central portal of information, advice, activities and games. It's designed to guide learner drivers, parent/supervisors and driving instructors through the learning experience.

To get your free lesson visit the keys2drive registration page and register.
Once you have your lesson ID Book Here for your manual lesson in Toowoomba.
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Keys2Drive Free Driving Lesson